Authors (doctoral workshop)

The workshops are specifically targeted at young researchers who are currently undertaking their doctoral thesis. The purpose of the workshops is to serve as a forum for active and constructive debate, aimed at improving the quality of the doctoral thesis projects presented. The doctoral students will have the opportunity to share their research initiatives and to receive valuable feedback from an expert panel in the form of comments, suggestions, additional theoretical approaches, methodologies or bibliographies of interest.

For a finer usefulness of the workshop, it is highly recommended that the thesis projects have attained a moderated stage of maturity. That is, they should be advanced enough (not just chosen the topic, but also defined the gap in the literature that the thesis tries to fill, the research question and the theoretical framework), but not in the final stage of the project (findings have been already achieved and the final document is being finished).

Submission of proposals:

Related to Thesis Projects, proposals written either in English or Spanish are accepted.

The manuscript of the Thesis Project should include the following sections:

  1. Title and abstract
  2. Introduction: justification of its interest, research gap to be covered, summary of the predictable contribution.
  3. Predictable theoretical framework to address the problem.
  4. The proposed hypotheses.
  5. The methodology to be used in the empirical study: data collection strategies, measures and techniques.
  6. Expected results.
  7. Main conclusions of the submitted proposal, assumed limitations and implications.
  8. Specific bibliographic references about the theme (minimum of 10 relevant references).

Structure of the Doctoral Thesis presentations:

Thesis projects accepted for the "Doctoral Workshops" should be presented by its author and will be commented by a President/Discussant in a critical and constructive manner with the aim of enhancing the quality of the project. Likewise, authors will have the opportunity of discussing diverse aspects of their proposal and/or academic career with internationally recognized professors. The presentation guidelines are the following:

  1. Doctoral student presentation, with the possibility of using PowerPoint (10 minutes).
  2. Discussant/s comments (10 minutes).
  3. Attendee Debate.


The goal of the doctoral workshop is to help participants to improve their Thesis Projects, identifying new research ideas. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the manuscript, but specially the oral presentation, will focus on key aspects of the research and doubts, instead of summarizing the full content of the current state of the thesis.

Doctoral students have maximum 10 minutes for presenting the cornerstones of their proposal. We kindly ask to strictly abide by the rules to ensure the smooth course of the sessions. In these colloquiums, experts’ comments are even more important than oral presentations (as they will review the full written proposal before the session). It is recommended to prepare an 8-minute presentation.