Submitting Papers/Instructions

Papers will be forwarded to the Conference Scientific Committee via the ACEDE paper management system. Access to the system can be found at the following link:

In the ACEDE paper management system, the authors should:

1)      Register as a system user.

2)      Register the proposed paper for the Conference introducing identification and classification details requested by the system.

3)      Indicate whether the work will be sent as a “regular manuscript” or as a “project thesis”.

4)      Upload two (2) copies of the whole work following the system's instructions:

a.      The first (final) copy will contain all the author information.

b.      The second copy should be ready for an anonymous revision (see preparation).

c.       For the preparation of the “thesis projects”, see the detailed instructions provided in the subsection "Authors (doctoral workshop)".

Papers should comply with the format specifications of the Conference:

1)      Written paper will be accepted either in English or Spanish.

2)      Files will be configured in the following way:

a.      DIN A4 vertical orientation

b.      Space of 2.5 centimeters in all the margins

c.       All pages should be numbers except the first page

d.      Works should not exceed 30 pages long, including text, graphics, tables, notes and bibliography.

e.      Graphics, images, tables, etc., should be located at the end of the text.

f.        The bibliography will be referenced following the scientific standards of the Society’s official journal: BRQ-Business Research Quarterly

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:


Acede 2023 Anonymous template

Acede 2023 Final template

Regarding the submission of proposals for the Doctoral Colloquium, this has to be done through the website of the congress:

Proposals can be sent either in Spanish or English. Please find attached below the template to send the proposals.